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Our Deep Graph and AI Experience Delivers Real World Value

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Expand human output with the right tools

  • Did the downturn leave you under resourced?
  • Could you grow revenue if your humans doubled their throughput?
  • Do you need to do more with less?
  • What if your humans could stop doing repetitive and tedious tasks?

Learn from our graph and AI solution experts how smart leaders deliver transformative results when under resourced

  • illustration of a business man on a laptop and technical icons for gears and graphs in the background

    Business + Technical

    We work closely with you to identify the most important challenges and opportunities facing your organization. We re-imagine them with state-of-the-art solutions from the age of AI. We deliver massive value by leading you through this transformation.

  • illustration of a human sitting in a chair collaborating on a graph and gears with an ai machine that is facing him

    Humans + Machines

    We deliver solutions that give your humans super powers through AI augmentation in all the right areas while your AIs improve by learning from your humans. This symbiotic future is available to you now.

  • illustration of a speedometer with a dial that says value being moved to the highest setting by a man in a blue shirt

    Measured Value Delivery

    We are hyper-focused on delivering real world value for your organization. That is the only reason you have to keep us around. We deliver efficiently and consistently so you get the results you need even when budgets are tight.

Access to leading Graph Database Specialists

AtomRain is a leading solution provider of ONgDB (an open source, independent fork of Neo4j® Enterprise Edition) and Neo4j®

We walk with you from making the business use case through to the completed integration of ONgDB into your enterprise architecture and applications including fully managed DevOps and ongoing operations with our SREs.

By having our certified Neo4j® and ONgDB professional software engineers collaborating closely with you, you’ll be able to maximize the business and technical benefits of the world’s most popular open source graph database.

Our experts help your current team leverage Knowledge Graphs and AI to build transformative solutions

Harness contextualized data to move your innovative solution ahead of the competition

Have a high impact problem or opportunity?

Explore what is possible with one of our graph and AI experts

“We here at Neo4j®, Inc. have every confidence in AtomRain’s ability to deliver for our most important enterprise clients.”
– Erick Nolten, Direction of Channel and Alliance, Neo4j®, Inc.

Build Smarter. Tackle Your High-Impact Challenges and Opportunities. Dominate Your Market.

ONgDB is an independent fork of [Neo4j® Enterprise Edition version 3.2.14, Neo4j® Enterprise Edition version 3.3.10, and/or Neo4j® Enterprise Edition Source Code version 3.4.0.RC02 licensed under the AGPLv3 and/or Community Edition licensed under the GPL]. ONgDB and AtomRain, Inc. are not affiliated in any way with Neo4j, Inc. or Neo4j Sweden AB. Neo4j, Inc. and Neo4j Sweden AB do not sponsor or endorse ONgDB and AtomRain, Inc. [more]

AtomRain, Inc. and ONgDB are not affiliated in any way with Neo4j, Inc. or [more]