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Been there. Done That.

Strategy & Solution Experience

We lead innovative programs for leading enterprises and government so they become the first to do what their competitors thought impossible. We help them overcome their greatest challenges and capture their most important opportunities.

    • Decreased investigation time from 6 months to 2 hours using knowledge graphs, AI and other advanced analytic techniques

    • Increased capacity for new business by 50% using Generative AI (2 years before ChatGPT made everyone aware that it was a thing) to augment human analysts

    • Eliminated the need for physicians to manually enter data into an EHR, saving each one an entire day of time, using knowledge graphs and NLP models that accurately coded from their dictated patient encounter


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      Data Analytics and Innovation Support

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      Data Analytics and Decision Support

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      Graph Analytics Cloud Operations & Maintenance

    Media & Entertainment

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      Broadcast Cloud

      An AWS cloud-based global broadcast distribution system facilitating the complex media workflow integration necessary to organize, prepare and package for transfer to OTT and VOD providers.

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      Ad Cloud

      An AWS cloud-based MAM system facilitating the multi-vendor media workflow integration necessary to organize, prepare, package and approve and deliver OTT and VOD video advertising segments.

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    Automotive & Transportation

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      Ask an Owner

      Ask an Owner facilitates the interactions with the Toyota brands, dealerships, service locations, their customers and the broader community.

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      Routing & Capacity

      KiwiRail is the national rail company for New Zealand and manages all of the scheduling, routing and capacity planning for the rail systems across the country.

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      Dealer Network

      Enabled all dealerships to be discoverable based on location from a mobile device along with a unified online showroom experience for a dealership's direct sales.

    Healthcare & Life Science

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      Decision Support

      A cloud-based HIPAA compliant healthcare SaaS platform to enable physicians to help patients and providers make smarter, more confident treatment choices.