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GraphGrid Graph + AI Platform

    Bringing you the power of Knowledge Graphs + AI

    The GraphGrid Graph + AI Platform is a composable platform offering built around ONgDB, a fully free and open source, independent fork of Neo4j®, the world’s leading graph database.

    We believe that the future of data within the enterprise is a connected one because it is when your data entities are connected with contextually relevant relationships to each other that you’ll form a holistic view of your business and be able to make better decisions on strategy and direction from those insights.

    GraphGrid enables enterprises to quickly derive more value from their data by being able to leverage a secure, flexible and
    scalable foundation for integrating ONgDB into their data architecture.

    Enterprises Key Benefits:

    • Security first architecture to keep your data safe
    • Globally distributed deployments keep you near your customers
    • Highly available architecture with automatic failover to keep you operational in the face of disaster
    • Write-optimized data pipeline provides rapid and continuous data integration to keep your data current
    • Native graph compute frameworks provide connected-data analysis to keep your business informed and moving forward

    As contributors to the leading open source native graph database ONgDB, we walk with you from information and solution architecture through development and operations to help you gain more insights from your data by connecting it into a powerful graph data model.